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About Kimberly Chase

Some people prefer the extra motivation, focus, privacy or accountability of working with someone face to face. Others like gentle guidance and knowing they are performing exercises correctly while their workout programs are safe, challenging and constructive. Some people just learn better in person. I can't always make the sessions painless but can always make them fun, productive and that way time flys!


Groups are employees of a corporation, families, couples, friends, neighbors at a community pool, members of a country club, or co-workers that have more fun together and are motivated by each otherGroup fitness classes focus on things like TRX, boot camp, HIIT (high intensity interval training), core strength, stretching, Pilates, weight training, running and indoor cycling. They usually don't require much equipment either. 



Kimberly Chase is a certified human and canine fitness trainer, certified human speed and agility coach, Pilates instructor and aquatic trainer who has been immersed in the fitness industry for 20 years. Her medical background gives her a unique ability to enjoy designing specialized programs, working privately with special populations (in and out of the water), injuries, athletes, and rehabilitation clients. With endless enthusiasm, she instructs standard and specialized aquatic, Pilates, land based exercise classes, as well as sports specific conditioning in South Florida. She follows scientific, researched-based training programs established by nationally recognized organizations.



For the past 16 years Kimber has competed in dog agility; making it to finals and the podium at national events.  She's written many fitness articles for "Clean Run" magazine while working with agility competitors from beginners to elite levels.  She also coaches warm-ups, stretching and individual programs at dog agility seminars.  As a high level athlete, she understands and has worked through the physical stressors sports, handling, injuries and life puts on us all.


Whatever your goal ~ It can be accomplished even if it's just to look and feel better. That's what we all want. There are many programs to choose from: short term, long term, remote training.  Even online classes and seminars. There is nothing that excites me more than helping and watching a student accomplish their goal!

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Family personal training session
Aquatic exercise Delray Beach Fla
Group and personal training studio
Dog agility handling
Aquatic rehab for ALS
TRX and Disabilities
Dog/human fitness, Agility handlers


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